A Foodster Christmas [2015] – Craft Beer Edition

foodster christmas

Christmas is fast approaching.

Tis the season for a click-bait craft beer gift guide last minute gift shopping and finding any excuse not to leave our sweatpants and warm blankets to wade through the mass of humanity that is the pre-Christmas local mall scene. 

Have a craft beer lover that still needs a few more packages under the tree come December 25th? I fully support your decision to remain indoors, and I’m here to help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the craft beer connoisseur in your life.  So sit back and let me be your guide to the goods.

1. Beer Cap Maps

I’ve been collecting bottle caps for a few years now, in hopes of someday doing something like this

bottle cap backsplash

…or perhaps this:

bottle cap table

But with the possibility of either of those happening in a timely fashion being slim to none, I needed another solution. Cue my awesome wife, who spied these amazing maps and thought it would be the perfect way for a travel-loving, craft beer sipping guy like me to display a cap collection in the least tacky way possible.

beer cap map

With every state plus the USA & select other countries available, the Beer Cap Map is in a wall-art class all on it’s own. If you’re looking for a statement piece, look no further. I can attest that every visitor we’ve had has stopped to inquire and enjoy the collection I’ve started.

Be forewarned: you may or may not start buying beer primarily for their crown cap designs…and make sure you grab the standoff wall hanger!

2. Unique Bottle Opener

You waited in line for over an hour. You saved that bottle for years, hoping to get the perfect age on it. You chilled it to the perfect serving temperature in preparation to be the envy of the bottle share. Not just any old bottle opener will suffice for this event.

Enter: the Cap-Off.


I first caught wind of this Kickstarter a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with the vintage mechanical design and unique history of the Cap-Off. Now that the campaign has been fully funded, a new website has been developed just in time for Christmas and ready to take your…preorders. 

Sadly, the openers won’t be available by Christmas, but if you’re buying for anyone like me, they won’t mind the wait.

3. Coasters

What better way to show off that perfect pour on your next #craftbeer Instagram snap with these choice coasters?


Hand-hewn from Oregon douglas fir trees, these rustic coasters will add the depth and flair that will make even the most uninteresting kitchen countertop pop.

You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. Ceramic Growler

Glass growlers are a dime-a-dozen…which is probably the number I have right now collecting dust in my basement cellar. Stainless steel is good choice (and all the rage right now), but if you’re really looking for that unique option to make them say “wow!”, try ceramic.

ceramic growler

Now that’s classy.

This growler begs to be seen and deserves be used. Check out multiple options available Portland Growler Co. (I’m digging the Sprocket), but make sure you order soon for timely delivery. When it arrives, head on down to your favorite local brewery for a fill and be a true hero on Christmas morning.

5. Taster Glass Set

Between the brewery shaker pints, festival tulips, and the many style-specific Spiegelau’s, my glassware cabinet overfloweth. As I’m sure yours does, too. However, there’s one glass (or five) that I can’t live without: the flight glass.

flight glasses with stave


Home brewers and bottle sharers alike would likely agree that these glasses are the best option when it comes to sharing their goods. Just make sure your glasses hold at least 6 oz to ensure that everyone gets a proper pour.

This one, with the reclaimed serving stave, is a phenomenal option.

6. Pubwear

Finally, if the beer lover in your life is anything like me, he/she can never have enough t-shirts. It’s tough to choose with so many good (and honestly, so many other bad) options out there, so here are a few personal selections to help you show off their steeze.

Beer Shirts 2


1. GBH – “Aim True
2. Skreened – “I Love Crafts
3. Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life “Original Beer Shirt
4. Hopcloth – “Drink Beer From Here
5. Local Brewery (Similar available from 515 Brewing)

What did I miss? What are some craft beer essentials that you would recommend? Tweet at me or comment below with some of your favorites!

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I’m a professional engineer by trade and have a passion for all things craft beer. I also dig home brewing, traveling, biking, and of course, our wonderful city which this blog is all about!

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