Trostel’s Greenbriar – Chef Adam Gillaspey

Trostel’s Greenbriar is the fourth location that I’m judging food at for the 2015 Dine Iowa Grand Tasting Gala event.

This is my second year of judging for this event. Trostel’s Greenbriar participated last year. You can check out 2014’s competition plate here.

Chef Robert Anderson and I are the main judges. It is a privilege to get to work with him, the IRA staff, and members from both the Soy and BeefCouncils.

During the next couple of weeks, leading up to the September 24th event, we have 8 different restaurants to visit. These restaurants are all across Iowa. 

Trostel’s Greenbriar

Trostel’s Greenbriar is located in Johnston, Iowa. It’s a spot where wine and meat lovers come to gather and enjoy a night of delicious dining. They have a great wine list, as well as a signature seasoning called Gunpowder seasoning. You can find it on most of their steaks. If you’re interested in the seasoning you’ll have to order the Gunpowder Ribeye. 

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The Chef at Trostel’s Greenbriar 

Trostel’s Greenbriar first opened up in 1987 by Paul Trostel. He competed last year but this year, he has given the challenge to his wonderful chef, Chef Adam Gillaspey.


The Meal

Rules: With this event, each competitor will prepare a main entrée recipe utilizing Braveheart Black Angus Beef Top Sirloin, donated byPerformance Food Group (at least six ounces of cooked beef must be used). Additionally, each competitor will prepare a Tofu (soft-silken or water packed) side dish or sauce (at least a 1⁄4 cup of tofu must be used).

Main Dish

Chef Adam created a garlic and herb marinated beef sirloin dish.

It was pan seared, with caramelized white balsamic brussel sprouts featuring a micro arugula and tofu crouton salad. The plate was decorated with a garden beet, honey goat cheese and tofu puree along with a horseradish tofu demi-glaze. 

The top sirloin was trimmed up and marinated in a bottle of Twisted Paso chardonnay. 

Adam created the marinade with garlic, onion, and  peppercorns and blended it. He then poured it over the meat and let it marinate for 12 hours. When it was time to prepare, he pan seared it in butter and thyme. 

The beet and goat cheese tofu pure was salt packed and roasted so they caramelized. It brought out the sweet flavor to complement the honey. He quartered the beets again and then caramelized them again with red onion, sage and thyme. Then the goat cheese was added and blended it up to make a smooth puree. The beet and goat cheese flavors balanced out.

I really enjoyed the vegetables. White balsamic brussel sprouts. The acidity was to cut through the meat and the puree. They were pan seared and glazed with white balsamic. 

Chef Adam displayed a wonderful plate. He should be proud of his presentation.

Contact Trostel’s Greenbriar

5810 Merle Hay Road, Johnston, IA

Phone:  (515) 253-0124

Mon-Fri: 11:00AM-2:00PM

Dinner (Bar opens at 4:00pm)

Mon-Thurs: 5:00PM-9:00PM

Fri-Sat: 5:00PM-10:00PM

I’m so excited for the next couple of weeks and I am eager to see how creative the competing chefs can be!

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