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While my brother has been off at Shine Bowl practice, I’ve been living an ‘only-child’ lifestyle. Lot’s of leg room in the back seat, and pretty quiet around the house and not constantly feeding a football player. We decided on going out to dinner tonight. We were planing on going to La Mie Bakery, but they are’t open for dinner on Monday nights. So, we headed to Tartine.

Tartine is a locally owned and operated French Cafe & Bistro in Clive. They have breakfast menu that is served all day, and then they also have dinner plates, sandwiches, burgers, and salads. (Take a look at the menu here).
Tartine Menu
Order Up!

This is what I had:

La Quercia prosciutto, swiss cheese + truffle mayo

I ordered up the Tartine Burger. The Tartine burger has La Quercia prosciutto, swiss cheese and truffle mayo. Two buttered buns are what hold it all together. The buns were delicious. I wish I had asked what they were. They didn’t list it on the menu. I ordered it medium-rare, and they cooked it to definition. Perfectly cooked, and delicious.You can even see some of the juices dripping from the burger. It was a huge burger, too. I had to force down my last couple of bites. The truffle mayo got a little too much at the end, I think that is what slowed me down. It was becoming a little too hearty. All-in-all, great burger. I would like to try a couple of their options.

This is what my Dad had:

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo: ham, turkey + swiss battered and toasted

I managed to snag a bite of his sandwich. It was my first time, that I recall, eating a Monte Cristo. Man, they are good! It’s basically a french toast sandwich. I enjoyed my bite, but my dad said he has had better. He was a little disappointed with the amount of meat they put in the sandwich. It wasn’t too full of meat.

Mom, you’re next. This is what she had:

Honey Ham and Brie

Honey Ham and Brie: shaved ham, brie cheese + drizzled honey

I didn’t get to sample this. Looked good though!

Ehhh..just a couple things.

I would have like to seen the specific Iowa products I was eating listed on their menu. On their website they say they utilize as many local and fresh ingredients as possible in the preparation of our cuisine. I believe them, but I like when local restaurants list who or where they got their items. The menu was cheaply made. A simple 8.5 x 11 piece of paper folded slightly crooked, and the font was very small. They could have spiced it up, and put it in a nice sleeve of some sort.

I would recommend taking the TV’s out of the cafe. I came to enjoy the atmosphere, not have fox news, and wheel of fortune on behind the people I was eating with.


Quick shout-out!

I was very pleased to see Jim Navarro art! He has done a couple pieces for my Grandparents, and I have even had the chance to paint with him!

I would like to go back and eat breakfast there. I bet it is delicious!!

Seating at Tartine's

Seating at Tartine’s

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