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Today, I was at home working and was craving a burrito. I thought about heading to Panchero’s but I had remembered about a burrito place by my old neighborhood. The place is called El Rey Burritos. El Rey is in West Des Moines, at 1960 Grand Ave., Suite 19. You may have heard about his place because a couple years ago, because they made the Des Moines Register for an item they serve on the menu. They serve a 2 foot burrito. I might have to get some buddies together to tackle that thing.

I ordered a regular burrito (to-go). It is a pretty simple burrito. You have your choice of meat, and then they put re-fried beans, tomatoes, salsa, onions, and lettuce. You can choose chicken, beef, pork, beef tongue, or chorizo. I love chorizo, so I went with that option, held the onions and hot salsa. Within a couple of minutes, I was paying and out the door to enjoy my burrito back home on the back porch.

I opened the foil, and took a look at the creature. I thought it looked pretty good. I took the first bite, and thought to myself that it was pretty good! The more I ate it, the more I was like this isn’t too good. The chorizo was wonderful, but there wasn’t much other flavor. They hot salsa was not ‘hot’, and they could have added cheese or mixed it all together. I wolfed it down anyway, but wasn’t satisfied.

So, maybe, I won’t head back there to tackle that 2 foot burrito. I think I will just stick with Panchero’s.

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