Sam and Gabe’s

Quick Review:

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To try or not to try: If anything, you should definitely try this place for the desert.

What we got: Toasted Ravioli, Salad, Chicken Piccata with Rice Pilaf (Megan), 8 oz. Choice Top Sirloin with Baked Potato (Nick), French Coconut Tart (Megan), Creme Brulee (Nick)

Best Part: Homemade dessert and  live music? Score.


Just recently Nick and I tried Sam and Gabe’s in Urbandale and it was amazing! Seriously, everything about this place, from the service to the food (even the “ambiance”) was excellent. We were even entertained with live music. Pretty sweet. Originally, this visit started off with a prompting from my Groupon daily deals. We ended up getting something like $50 worth of food for $25. Pretty sweet.

The deal was well worth it and got us to go and try S&G’s but the food will definitely make us come back. (and we have, by the way, in the time that it took me to post this!)

The reason though, that I think this place was so amazing, is the dessert. We’re talking homemade amazing-ness. I chose the French Coconut Tart, and keep in mind, that being a hardcore chocoholic, this is not something I would normally choose. I was not disappointed. The graham cracker crust and hint of coconut served as the base for this dish and because it was still warm when it arrived to the table, the whipped cream just melted on the top. Enough said.

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