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Hi there! I’m glad that you have decided to check out my blog.


I thought I’d take a look at Urban Dictionary’s definition of Foodster, I thought it was pretty funny:

The unholy fusion of a FOODIE and a HIPSTER. Persons that need to be annoying cool about using non-mainstream ingredients or techniques while cooking.

How did I get to ‘Foodster’:

This whole blog idea came from a friend of mine who was also into food and the restaurant scene, so we named it 2DesMoines Foodies. That only lasted a couple of months. We weren’t too good at keeping up so we stopped the whole blog. Finally, last April (2012), I picked the blog back up and spent a good amount of time re-branding everything about it. The layout, the name, and the content.

I’ve always had an interest in food. It really all started with my grandma. I remember cooking in her kitchen and helping her out. She was and is an influence with my culinary interest. We talk food pretty much every time I see her or call her. She would buy me cookbooks and aprons for gifts when I was a kid. She even talked to me about culinary school. As I grew up (as I still grow up) I lost some interest, but then once I picked the blogging back up I realized that I still have a passion for creating great flavors and being aware of restaurant atmospheres.

I’m into the creative side of the world and that’s why cooking is something that I’m very interested in. It’s like a painting, starting with one color and then adding more to make it a great piece. Start with your main piece and then keep adding flavors/ingredients in and you come up with a great meal. :)

I have to say, one dream in the back of my food head is to have my own cafe. I have a Pinterest board going on for that to keep my ideas going.  I’m big into coffee, and love creating sandwiches. I think I could create a neat environment, as well.

Most college kids resort to Ramen, frozen pizzas, and fast food. I’m not all about that. At times, though, when I need a quick fix, I’ll resort to the mac and cheese. First semester was full of ‘Foodster’ cooking. I was creating some awesome dishes, and exploring all kinds of new recipes.

Foodster fun fact: I bought and ate my first frozen pizzas of the school year a couple weeks ago.

Except, those frozen pizzas were then doctored up with some extras, such as chorizo, veggies, and extra cheese. Ramen is another staple for college kids, although I have only made it, maybe, three times all year.

Back to the definition from Urban Dictionary, I don’t have any non-mainstream cooking techniques, but I guess I can fall into the non-mainstream ingredients category. You can find my cupboard with sea salt, to Cajun spices.

I’m just not your average college-kid surviving off of ramen, and frozen pizzas. I’m a Foodster


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Des Moines Foodster

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