District 36 Wine Bar & Grille

District 36 is the second location that I’m judging food at for the 2016 Dine Iowa Grand Tasting Gala event.

This is my third year of judging for this event.

Chef Robert Anderson and I are the main judges. It is a privilege to get to work with him, the IRA staff, and members from both the Soy andBeefCouncils.

During the next couple of weeks, leading up to the October 6, 2016 event, we have 10 different restaurants to visit. These restaurants are all across Iowa. 

District 36

District 36 is a newer addition to the rapidly growing Ankeny food scene. This restaurant and wine bar opened up in June of 2016 from pretty reputable owners: Dave and Jean Thompson. Dave and Jean are also behind Urban Grill in Urbandale


Inside, you’ll find an impressive wall full of wine bottles and as you move throughout the restaurant, you’ll find that it has plenty of seating.







If you’re looking for a patio to catch an Iowa sunset, this is the spot for you. You can catch the sun setting over Promenade Park and the pond. 


The Meal


Rules: With this event, each competitor will prepare a main entrée recipe utilizing Braveheart Black Angus Beef Short Rib, donated by Performance Food Group (at least six ounces of cooked beef must be used). Additionally, each competitor will prepare a Tofu (soft-silken or water packed) side dish or sauce (at least a 1⁄4 cup of tofu must be used). 

Main Dish

Chef Jed Eddy created a delicious dish focusing on braised short ribs glazed with BBQ Sauce that is infused with a cherry stout and root beer! This item is currently on their menu and is served nightly. 


If you’re in the mood for a hearty comfort food dish, this is the item to order at District 36. A generous portion of mashed potatoes is the in the center of the dish. For this competition, Chef Jed incorporated the tofu into the mashed potatoes. Surrounding the mashed potatoes were the tender and extremely flavorful braised short ribs. They were extremely tender and pulled apart with the fork. The BBQ sauce was also a highlight. It was nice to hear that the BBQ sauce is something you could easily make at home. I will be trying to make it at home soon. 

If you’re interested in trying this dish, you can order it off of District 36’s menu, or attend the Iowa Restaurant Association Grand Tasting Gala.



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