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A good friend of mine, Frank, from high school and I finally got a chance to catch up and go out to dinner. He recommend a place called Urban Grill. I had never heard of it, so I took a look at the menu earlier in the day, and sounded like it would be a great spot to eat.

Urban Grill is located at 3651 86th Street, Urbandale Iowa. (Same parking-lot as Incredible Pizza…)
Urban Grill

We walked in, and I was impressed with the seating and atmosphere of the restaurant. It was a warm, soft light, and had a casual, yet sophisticated feel. The menu resembles that, too. Take a look at their menu here.


Frank ordered an unlisted special. They run it once in a while, but they don’t list it on their menu. It’s called the “Whitney”… aka- The Frank. He gets it every time he goes there. It looked outstanding. A huge chicken breast, hand battered with Swiss cheese and bacon on top. I might have to get it if I stop back in there!

I ordered Seared Ahi Tuna. I always love a good tuna steak, and that’s what it was. The tuna was cajun rubbed and grilled rare. Served sliced with a side of beer mustard soy dipping sauce. The soy dipping sauce was really spicy! The cajun rub was outstanding. Very strong flavor in each bite. It was everything I hoped for. The entree came with a dinner salad, with really creamy ranch. As well as a side. I chose asparagus. Lightly grilled and buttered to perfection. MMM!

Cajun Rubbed And Grilled Rare Served Sliced With A Side Of Beer Mustard Soy Dipping Sauce

The service was outstanding. You could really tell that the waiter enjoyed his job and that always makes or breaks the dining experience.

Great food, great place! I would recommend taking business people here, or for a nice dinner out with friends or a date!

Happy eating!
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