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A buddy and I really wanted some sushi after the NCAA Track and Field Championships down at Drake. This was one of the closest places without having to get in the car. We were cutting it close on time. They were open until ten, and it was about 9:45. Having past experience working in a restaurant. You kind of frown upon those last stragglers that decide to come in a cramp your closing duties for the night.

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We asked if it was okay to come in and they were fine with us there. They seated us and gave us great attention. It was only my friend and I in the restaurant eating. We felt kind of bad being there, but they were okay with it. We asked if we could still order sushi because it appeared that the chef was almost done cleaning his work area. “Of course you can!” Said the waitress. With that, we proceeded to order our sushi. I got a sweet potato roll, and a NYC roll. It was my first time getting a sweet potato roll, and I really enjoyed it! There isn’t any raw fish. It’s just a good ‘side’ roll to alternate with while you’re eating other pieces. The NYC was outstanding. I love this stuff  they call ‘crunchies’ that they put in some sushi rolls (like in the Captain Crunch at Miyabi 9). YUM YUM YUM! The NYC had a delicious sauce over sticky rice, cream cheese, mango, crab, and I believe tuna, oh and crunchies. It was wonderful. Now, they have two very different price ranges. The sweet potato roll was $4, and the NYC was $12. I thought it was a little pricy, comparing it to Miyabi 9. Regardless, I do believe you get what you pay for, and that’s always a quality sushi meal.  I want to go back and try some different options. They had quite a few great sounding rolls.

I look forward to heading back there this summer to get my sushi fix. You should check it out, too. It’s down by Drake University–
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  • k

    My mouth was watering while reading the vivid description of your late night supper.

    Wow,….those “rolls” sounded so declicious.