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Sushi is one food that I have grown to absolutely love. I still remember the very first time that I tried it. Me and my buddies had just finished playing basketball and decided to head down to get sushi at a place on Ingersol. I ordered something that sounded enjoyable and easy to eat. A Philly roll. I ate the first two pieces of the roll and didn’t it was that bad, and then I think I finally realized what I was eating and I grossed my self out and couldn’t finish the last four pieces without gagging.

I slowly kept trying it and now I absolutely love sushi. I have been to Miyabi 9 a couple of times now, and each time I find something new on the menu that is outstanding.

Miyabi 9

This time around, I was able to try a fair amount of different rolls. The rolls that we ordered were The Des Moines, Sunrise, California, and 2 orders of Captain Crunch. I have heard from multiple people to get the Captain Crunch, and we finally settled into ordering that. Below is a picture of the  amazing Captain Crunch roll. The Captain Crunch combines crab and shrimp inside a tobiko tempura crunch, with a secret house sauce. If you want something that doesn’t have a strong fish/sushi taste, then I would recommend this. It has such a unique flavor and ‘crunch’ to it. We loved it so much that we ordered 2 rolls.Cap'n Crunch

Cap’n Crunch

The other 3 rolls were very good, too. The Des Moines is Salmon, crab stick, avocado, and cue roll. It has a nice simple flavor and is another ‘easy going’ roll. Sunrise is one of my favorites. It’s a good roll to eat after a couple pieces of Des Moines and Captain Crunch rolls. The Sunrise is Tuna, mango, and cream cheese. It is a good sweet roll. The balance with the mango and creme cheese creates a satisfying flavor. The California was your typical Cali roll- always a safe bet when you don’t know what else to order. Here is a picture of the menu via urbanspoon.com >> Roll Menu

On previous outings to Miyabi 9, I have had some outstanding egg rolls. These are a good option if you are trying sushi for the first time because if you aren’t a fan (right away) then you can resort to these yummy guys. They also have a great lunch deal. For around $11 you can get soup, salad, and one roll from about 4 different options. It was a great deal, and it fills you up.

This a fun place located in the East Village of Des Moines, Iowa. There isn’t a lot of seating. We went on a Wednesday night around 7, and no problems getting a table. Friday and Saturday night’s get pretty busy. The longest wait that I have had there is about a said 30 minute wait, but was seated within 10 minutes.  It is next to The Olympic Flame which is another local favorite of mine.

Miyabi 9 Map

If you don’t like sushi at first, keep trying a little bit each time you go out or to the store. It will grow on you and you will soon be able to enjoy it as much as me. Happy eatings!


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