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It’s graduation season, and to top off all of the cake, and sweets that I consumed at my brother’s graduation party, we decided to end the night at Saint’s Pub & Patio with drinks and wings.

It was my first time being at this pub and patio; my parents had been there a couple times before. Saint’s Pub & Patio is located on 50th street in West Des Moines. It’s right across from the Dahl’s, and located on the bike path that runs through West Des Moines.

I pulled into the parking lot, and was greeted with a lot of people outside on a pretty large patio, listening to live music. Since it’s on the bike path, there were a lot of bikers coming off the path and grabbing a couple of drinks and enjoying a seat in the shade and enjoying the fun atmosphere. Continuing inside, I was pleased to see about 15+ flat screen tvs lined along the ceiling. and a really large, nice looking, bar. The setting inside is relaxing. They have some soft lighting, and dark wood. It feels kinda classy, yet cool. Ya dig? Well, once I found the table where I was meeting my parents, we ordered our food.

One reason why we decided to go to Saints on a Sunday night was because they have happy hour ALL DAY as well as $0.25 wings!

Good deal right there, eh? To start off the night, we ordered pitcher of beer, and a couple other specialty drinks. Along with the drinks, we ordered 36 wings right away. We decided to get a couple of entrees, as well. I ordered fish tacos, mom ordered a patty melt, and my grandma ordered a Ruben. — Straight to the review of the food. I really don’t know what I was thinking about ordering fish tacos at a Pub/bar. Probably not one of the smartest entree choices I have made while eating out, but I thought that they may be kind of a hidden gem. You never know, something ‘fancy’/unusual at a bar can sometimes be their hidden secret. Well, that was not the case. The fish was very fishy (go figure), but what I mean by fishy is that there wasn’t any good seasoning, or spice on it. It was straight up broiled and then topped with a spicy sour cream, corn, salsa, and cabbage. My entree came with a side of chips. That was about the only good part. So, DON’T get the fish tacos at Saints Pub & Patio.
I also had half of the ruben, now, that was pretty tasty.  Not too thick of sliced corned beef, and then the sauerkraut was delicious. I would recommend that. It’s definitely a pub food, where as, my entree was not. The wings were very good. Now, they were a little small, but they had great flavor. You can choose from several different flavors, but we stuck with the traditional sauce. I was very pleased with the wings. I will go back for wings.

Fish Tacos at Saints in West Des Moines, Iowa

Fish Tacos at Saints

Service can make or break the experience… Our guy wasn’t rude at all, but he was just so slow, and wasn’t able to remember our order. Just write it down. It’s better to just write it down, it’s not that impressive to memorize an order — and then only to come back to double check what  everyone ordered. He took a while to get us one extra glass. It wasn’t too busy where we were sitting, in doors, and he wasn’t doing any outdoor orders, so I think the service could have been much better. Another issue we had was that we ordered 18 wings (yes, after the first 36 wings) but only got 12. They short changed us, but then eventually brought us our the 6 additional. It’s just simple things like that which kind make you rethink everything.

All in all, good place for drinks and to hang out for a good time. I wouldn’t really recommend it for a sit down meal though- except for the wings!

– NL

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