Field Trip | Worth Brewing Company

  There’s just something special about the hunt for craft beer. We read up on articles, taste test with friends and even drive hours and miles just to experience a great craft [beer]. I’m a pretty regular weekender in Clear Lake, Iowa. There was a lot of excitement when Lake […]

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Nothing Compares – Pouring Brews at the Iowa Craft Beer Tent

Confession: I love everything Iowa State Fair. Although a few of my friends and life-long Iowans do not share my same passion, it is truly a guilty pleasure for this non-native. Visions of butter cows, rock bands, fried foods on a stick, and blue-ribbon livestock flood my daydreams annually as July melts […]

3 Ways I’m Preparing For The Urban Assault Ride In Des Moines 2

The Urban Assault Ride takes to the streets of Des Moines on August 16, 2015. The ride starts and ends at Mullets (1300 S. E. 1st Street) where more than 1,000 happy cyclists, including me, will be ready to celebrate their favorite summer event with beer, bikes and big wheels. […]

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Will my UNTAPPD followers toast this

The Curse of the Whale 3

It started with a Surly Furious. A four pack, actually. On sale at my neighborhood Hy-Vee for $9.99. (Hi, Sam!) Surly is brewed in the twin cities, and hasn’t been readily available outside of Minnesota until just this year. Twelve months ago I would have been ecstatic to find Furious on […]

Spanish Tapas Recipes + 3 Spots In Des Moines For Tapas

There is always something rewarding when you’re able to reproduce a certain culinary style and tradition in your very own kitchen. Doing so can save you money by not purchasing plane tickets and there won’t be any language barriers. Although, sometimes corn fields look better than this 😉 Not. Another thing to consider […]

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Crafts on Court: Notes from ICBF 2015 3

Not long ago, back when you could count the number of Iowa microbreweries on one hand (and that term was still used to describe them), a festival, let alone an entire week, devoted to celebrating craft beer culture in Iowa was unheard of. Even the inaugural version just five years ago of […]

Father’s Day Gifts for the Craft Beer Connoisseur

What happened to June? The end of winter dragged on endlessly, April and May lasted forever…yet all of the sudden we’re staring down the barrel of July, just ten short days away. Memorial day weekend was forever ago, Flag Day has come and gone, and summer officially kicks off this […]

Father's Day Gifts

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Des Moines Beer Week | Q&A with 818 Design’s Rachel and Melissa 1

If you know anything about the craft beer industry, it’s a very busy and growing one. With new breweries popping up in buildings monthly, it can be tough to keep up with everything. If you don’t know what IPA stands for, what craft beer means or still not sure if you enjoy […]

Field Trip | Exile on (Walnut) Street 2

Now that craft beer boom in full swing, the grassroots rhetoric has become commonplace. As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t have to look far to find the “started from the bottom, now we’re here” success story of low-budget home brewers turning their fledgling passion into a full-time career. Nano-breweries that […]



18 Of The Best Instagram Photos From @Djonuts in Des Moines 1

Happy National Donut Day, Des Moines!  National Doughnut Day started on June 7, 1938. Ever since that day, the first Friday of every June is deemed as National Donut Day. Little do most people know is that there is a special meaning behind this day. It’s not just a day […]