Spent Grain Scones

As a Foodster, this may be the most Foodster thing you could do. I’ve been homebrewing – on my 5th brew – and learned that the spent grain can be more than just something that is simply thrown into your compost pile or fed to livestock. It’s something that can […]

spent grain scones


Thoughts from a Home Brewer 2

There is a significant amount of time to kill during the home brewing process, which gives the home brewer a lot of time to think. On most occasions, such thoughts usually consist of sheer panic and “Oh crap, I think I just screwed this whole thing up.” But other times, […]

[Sponsored] Bonefish Grill Brings Back Three Favorite Flavors for Just $7

Back by popular demand, Bonefish Grill – the fresh fish experts and winner of the 2015 Consumer Picks Best Seafood award – are offering guest favorites Bang Bang Shrimp® Tacos and Blackened Baja Fish Tacos (both served in Bonefish Grill’s original soft shell) and their original Fish + Chips. From […]

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Après Bike

When translated, the alpine term Après Ski literally means “after skiing.” From clubs, to restaurants, to ski-in-ski-out mountainside condos, the present day interpretation is a grab-bag term most big resorts use for anything that doesn’t involve the main reason for your visit…which is, presumably, skiing and snowboarding. We have a […]

firetrucker sampler

Field Trip | Firetrucker Brewery

During my formative years, field trips entailed excursions to museums, visits the local zoo, and classroom camps (Outdoor School, what?!). Here on DM Foodster, the “Field Trip” series will be a semi-regularly occurring post reviewing my latest haunts to some of Des Moines’ finest craft beer institutions. Expect real reviews […]

Iowa Restaurant Association: 2015 Culinary Affair 1

Could this be one of the best night’s of eating in Des Moines? I’m guessing that it will be – and you shouldn’t miss out. April 12th, 2015, is going to be a night of elegant food and wine at Embassy Club West featuring central Iowa’s top chefs. The event that I’m talking about […]



All About The Avocado + Recipes 1

Avocados have been on the “trending” list for a long time; however, I have been what you call a late adopter.  But, my first time, I was hooked and now I can’t stop eating them on EVERYTHING. I decided to dig in a little deeper to find out some facts […]

Dinner with Damo

If I were to ask you to name the largest Craft Brewer (by volume) in Minnesota, what would your guess be? Fulton? Or perhaps, considering their recent expansion, Surly? To which I would smugly reply “guess again!” (Mental Floss // Map found here.) You learn something new every day. Considering that […]

Dinner with Damo 41

Bang Bang Shrimp

#IncredibleIs – My first trip to Bonefish Grill

I love seafood. I’m a regular fresh water fisher and have done a couple of deep sea fishing adventures off the coast of Florida. Now, of course, it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to find seafood like you can in Florida, but there are a couple places […]